Stock Repurchase Agreement Template

1.1 By the performance of this contract and the power and transfer of irrevocable shares attached to this agreement as Annex A, the seller heresks to the buyer: and the buyer heresafter buys shares exempt from pre-emption rights of third parties or other similar rights and without mortgages, pawns, pawns, pawns, pawns, pledges, pledges, pawns, fees, fees , security or other rights of a third party (with rights other than the rights of the existing shareholder) , if any), at a price per share of $14.50, or a total gross amount of US dollars (the “gross underperformance”). The company will deduct from the gross contribution a total amount of US dollars (“exercise fee”) that the seller owes to the company for the options implemented by and between the company and the seller under one or more option allocation agreements; In other words, the consideration is the gross consideration minus the exercise costs, a total amount of U.S. dollars (the “counterparty”). Companies in the U.S. can choose from five primary methods of share or share repurchase, including: 2.8 expenses. Each party bears its own expenses, including the legal costs associated with the transaction under this agreement. (a) The seller is the sole rightful owner of the shares, advantageous and registration, and after the conclusion of the transactions provided for in this agreement, the buyer acquires from the seller a property well and negotiable of these shares, free and free of all rights of pledge, fees, charges, debts, restrictions, rights, rights, purchase options, voting rights, voting rights and other voting rights , appeals and obligations of any kind (but, if applicable, subject to the equity creditor`s agreement). 1.2 Under the following terms: (i) five (5) working days after the date of implementation of this agreement and (ii) receipt of the original certificates or certificates that constitute the shares, duly confirmed or accompanied by a power (s) of actions properly executed (s) or, if this certificate of origin has been lost, destroyed or not available for delivery, the share insurance lost, as attached to Schedule B , is given by the buyer to the seller. The payment of the consideration is subject to any deduction or deduction of the source (tax or otherwise) required by the current legislation, and any amount deducted or withheld is treated, for all purposes of this contract, as if it had been paid by the buyer to the seller.

If necessary, the seller is notified to the buyer of the signed W-8 or W-9 forms. The share certificate or share insurance or lost stock insurance is delivered by the seller to the buyer by an internationally recognized night courier at one of the following addresses: In other words, the company sells its marketable securities, such as shares or bonds, to a shareholder.

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