Specific Performance Of Unregistered Agreement

… Respondent/Plaintiff was not entitled to sell a specific benefit decree on the basis of the unregant agreement, Ex.P1?2) If the findings of the… was adopted in this case:”Heard.An action for certain benefits was ordered for sale on the basis of an unregord agreement. Qualified advice appears for the… The USSR Committee asked the Commission to provide information and information services on the services of the Office of Information and State Affairs. Qualified legal assistance for … – A document to be registered, if not registered, is not authorized under Section 49 of the Registration Act. However, such an unregistered document may be used as evidence of an ancillary purpose, as provided for in section 49 of the Registration Act. A secondary transaction must be independent or divisible from the transaction that the law deems necessary for registration. A guarantee transaction must be a transaction that should not be carried out by a registered document, i.e. a transaction that creates a right, title or interest in real estate worth one hundred rupees or more. If a document is inadmissible because of the lack of registration, none of its conditions can be admitted as evidence and the use of a document to prove an important clause would not be used as a secondary object. A document to be registered, if not registered, may be admitted as proof of a contract in a legal action for a given benefit.

… In addition, claims that the petitioners reimburse Rs. 1 lake as serious money. Qualified lawyer for the petitioners further claims that, because the alleged agreement for sale is not registered enk…. Hon`ble Alok Singh, J.Learned lawyer for the petitioners says that the execution of the sale agreement is not refused, so no… Sections 467, 468 and 506 P.I.C are identified; He also argues that respondent No. 3 of the complainant does not assert that he is willing and willing to enforce the deed of sale… Reception of 30.11.2004 and sale agreement of 25.02.2005. The principle that the appeal at issue is an action for the practical implementation of the 25.02 agreement….

Section 49 of the Registration Act leaves no room for uncertainty as to whether an unregord sales agreement can be considered evidence, in a… In concrete terms, this is the written application that the petitioner/applicant had filed a complaint for the practical implementation of an agreement of 25.02.2005. The petitioner had started to… 9. The question now arises as to whether the provision in Section 53-A tPA applies to the facts of this case. The answer is no, given that the applicant in this case seeks possession of the property through the particular performance of the sale agreement.

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