Sarawak 20 Point Agreement

The agreements, which are found in the proclamation of Malaysia and in the reports of the Cobbold Commission, set out the conditions and rights that were to protect the autonomy and special interest of the people of Sabah and Sarawak and protected, among other things, the rights of these regions in the fields of religion, language, education, administration, economy and culture. On 22 July 1963, the Governor of Sarawak, Sir Alexander Waddell, proclaimed the formation of the first Supreme Council, with the appointment of Stephen Kalong Ningkan, Chairman of the Sarawak National Party (SNAP), Prime Minister of Sarawak. The other members of the Supreme Council were Abdul Taib Mahmoud, James Wong Kim Ming, Dunstan Endawie Anak Enchana, Awang Hipni Pengiran Anu and Teo Kui Seng. This marked the end of colonial rule and the birth of Sarawak as an autonomous country. History The agreement was written with the main purpose of safeguarding the interests, rights and autonomy of the people of Sabah after the formation of the Malaysian federation. Initially, Sabah was expected to be one of the federation`s four units, the others being Malaya, Singapore and Sarawak. However, due to a lack of education and awareness, Sabah and Sarawak have often been confused as one of the 13 states of the Confederation. Sabah and Sarawak is not part of Malaysia, but a partnership or merger in Western Malaysia of what was known as Malaya (or tanah melayu or ketuanan melayu state) – reference to the merger on the lower page, you can see the 18-point agreement to Datuk Amar James Wong Min Kimbuch entitled – “The Birth of Malaysia the Report of the Commission of Inquiry, the 1962 Government Committee Report and the Agreement between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland of Malaya… ». its available in beautiful`s bookshop – that is if you think the 20point 18point deal is not valid/real on Wikipedia. I am not here to oppose you to our government or our establishment, but above all to tell you of your rights that have been given to you and promised as Sarawakian or Sabahan! Now, tell me how many of these points were hurt by reading these points? Tell me, if you`re not crazy or angry after reading these dots, and most of them have been hurt…

And Noyze, tell me, do you think such information is widespread in our public library? And if the Internet itself is not a public library or a reservoir of information and the answers obtained from different sides are the same, should we deny that it exists? The agreement is not a joke, some parties or a particular group want us to think that way, that they want us to doubt that there is such an agreement to move our community and keep control of us and our country. All this is correct in Malaya, but for Sarawak, the detachment should be sensitive to the 20-point agreement. The zeal for national integration must be present, but it must be implemented in the proper respect of the agreement. As part of an agreement signed between Great Britain and the Federation of Malaya, the issue of self-determination vis-à-vis the peoples of northern Borneo and Sarawak represented a challenge for the formation of the Malaysian Federation.

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