Introducing Broker Agreement Fca

This is a significant flaw for both IBs and FX brokers, and in fact, while London`s first-class brokers are very well organized and have taken on this responsibility for the sake of their business and BIs, it is an issue that the FCA could address in the future. find that the importing foreign broker is licensed in his own country; In short, an IB works very hard to generate a customer base and create a long-term customer relationship, it refers to a brokerage that then generates revenue from order flows that they might not otherwise have. Something goes wrong, customers complain, bank brokers bank the money and ib is sued. Our investigation has brought to light an often overlooked but extremely important case, namely that an unregulated introducation broker (IB) that could be a small business run by an individual, or a large company that provides money management services and a full-time retail office and relies only on actual brokerage, to which it returns the operation for the execution of the order flow. is fully responsible for being in serious legal hot water when a compliance inspection is conducted with a broker that accepts transactions from such an IB.

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