Fifth Third Bank Digital Services User Agreement

I love the 53rd bank!! I`ve been with you since 2010, when I moved to FL. This app is AMAZING! I LIKE the fact that I can do 99% of my banking about it (the 1% are going to have to call the bank for money transfers from my Target savings accounts when I need it, and that`s very rare in itself). The last time I had to go to the physical bank was two months ago, when I found a lost debit card and took it. It`s been a year since I had to go to the store. I do everything on the app. My paychecks are paid directly every two weeks, so I check that I literally use this app about 5 times a day – MINIMUM! I use it to pay bills, use a cell to reimburse colleagues for lunch and/or contribute to office parties and/or send money to the family. I use the app to transfer money through my accounts, set up notifications, manage notifications, look at past account statements, check my mortgage, create recurring transfers, and verify my identity alarm account. I`m talking about EVERYTHING! The other critic said to include images to spice up the site. I disagree, the app doesn`t need imagination. Just do what`s needed smoothly – let me manage my money – and it`s FANTASTIC! Thank you 53rd!! It was very frustrating, and I`ve been dealing with it for over a month. I went to a store and thought they could help me because I had accidentally sent money to my 5th 3rd account instead of another bank account. I had to withdraw the money manually to deposit it at my other bank.

Also, the manager said there was nothing they could do and I had to call them next time so he could see what was going on. He fired me. What kind of customer service do you call this!? I recently called the branch and a representative from another branch helped me that day and told me it should have been done a month ago. It has degenerated now to cooperate, and they are trying to help me, but still no solution. I think this app needs to be fixed because it looks like I can use the cell online, but not in the app. I have an iPhone XR and the iOS is up to date. Even after the first login, I sent Face ID in the security setting, but I either have to enter my password or manually click on the “Face ID” icon when logging in. This should be done automatically. Very frustrating. It must be remedied as soon as possible! “Helping our clients achieve their financial goals is very important to us and we want to provide access to easy-to-use digital tools to protect their money, prepare for the future and plan for the long-term well-being of their families,” said Howard Hammond, Director of Retail Banking and Brokerage Distribution at Fifth Third Bancorp. in the press release.

Company representatives said the deal highlights a growing need for more effective estate planning due to the COVID-19 pandemic when families have been forced to care for relatives or other family members and need affordable and accessible tools to do business. . . .

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