Colorado Statewide Engineering Articulation Agreement

If you take the appropriate courses for your main subject, you can complete your license with an additional 60 credits. The A.A./A.S. transfer contract applies to courses taught at VAC; The transfer of credits to private, non-accredited, extra-governmental institutions or the granting of credits from non-credit-bearing courses or courses of more than 10 years or credits acquired for prior learning, advanced placement, distance courses, CLEP and other credits only tested, can be transferred to the four-year school, but are not guaranteed. The institution to which you wish to transfer evaluates these credits in accordance with its own policies; Contact the four-year institution for more information. To complete within two years at Arapahoe Community College, it depends on the number of credits you hold each semester, the order of courses in your core subject, and the availability of courses. The agreement between public colleges and Colorado universities ensures that if you complete your AA or AS degree with at least 60 gtPathways (GT – Guaranteed Transfer) credit hours and a grade of “C” or better in any course, your work will be transferred to Colorado`s public colleges and universities. Save time by consulting your Transfer Advisor as quickly as possible for “transfer guides”. The guides show you the courses required by the lower division for articulation programs. You also indicate which courses in the lower division are most appropriate for your intended core subject, and you can be sure to meet the requirements for sequenced courses before moving on to a four-year school.

CCCS Transfer Agreements – We have negotiated special transfer arrangements with several Colorado colleges, in addition to those listed above. You can explore them here. If you have any questions about transferring credits, send us an email at Since institutions set the requirements of their programs independently, transfer/articulation agreements differ from program to program and university to university. In this alphabetical list of four-year colleges (inside and outside the state), you`ll find the specific courses you can take at frcc and transfer them to a bachelor`s program. What can our national transfer contracts do for you? More than you think. When you start your studies at CCD, you save thousands of tuition fees and you can get a guarantee of moving as a junior to a great program in the state of Colorado. We also connect you to the Career & Transfer Center, with employees who strive to make your transfer process smoother and stress-free. This Agreement shall not apply to nursing, teacher training or engineering. These majors have national articulations with specific requirements for lower divisions. CCD is the best starting point to earn your four-year degree. There are agreements between CCD and four-year colleges and universities that ensure your degree will be transferred so that you can enter the four-year school as a junior, saving you thousands of tuition fees.

There are many transfer/degree of design (DWD) agreements that allow for certain AA…

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