Cmas Agreements

CMAS agreements are not entered into through a tendering process conducted by the State of California. For this reason, all prizes, products and/or services offered must have been previously offered and awarded according to a federal GSA schedule. The provider completes a CMAS application that offers products and/or services at prices based on an existing GSA multiple premium plan at the federal level. This schedule is called a “basic contract”. After reviewing and accepting the application, the CMAS Unit assigns a CMAS Agreement containing the terms of the contract, acquisition codes, policies, and policies of the State of California. For greater clarity, the CMAS program does not “use” the GSA Authorized Federal Supply Service Schedule. Instead, we establish a completely independent California agreement for the same products and services at the same or lower price. Once a CMAS has been awarded, the contractor shall market and commercialize the CMAS and make available to the CMAS unit quarterly reports on CMAS sales transactions. Contractors holding CMAS contracts offer their agency clients value-added benefits, including: agency orders should be sent to the following address, faxed to 703-871-8505 or emailed to The State of California enters into several award agreements pursuant to sections 10290 et seq. and 12101.5 of the Public Code (effective January 1994).

A multiple distinction is an award to two or more contractors for the same goods and/or services, at the same or similar price. Multiple award does not relate to the number of buyers who would choose the agreement, but to the number of contractors who will receive a contract under a joint tendering procedure. A CMAS contractor is a supplier that has received a certain type of government contract called the California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS). The CMAS unit is part of the State of California`s General Services Division. The CMAS unit does not make an offer. Instead, the supplier of the CMAS Unit offers products, services and prices from a competitive transaction contract already related to costs. To these products, services, and pricing, the CMAS unit adds California purchase terms and codes, guidelines, and guidelines. CMAS contracts are concluded using products, services and prices from already existing, competitive and cost-effective multiple award contracts. Products, services and prices come primarily from the Federal General Services Administration`s (GSA) multiple rewards program, but not exclusively. To these products, services and prices, we add the terms of the California contract, codes and purchasing policies and establish a completely independent California contract. 2. SYNNEX provides you with a documentation package that allows you to propose the SYNNEX GSA Schedule Contract as the basis for the award of your CMAS contract.

The California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) program was launched in 1994. CMAS contracts are awarded and administered by the State of California, Department of General Services, Procurement Division, pursuant to Sections 10290 and 12101.5 of the Public Contracts Code (CCP). The order may order that products and/or services be provided at the expiry of the CMAS contract, but only if the CMAS order is issued before the expiry of the CMAS contract. However, as only 12 codes can be used, UHC buyers do not consider these codes to be the only products and/or services to be provided. . . . .

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