Bc Partnership Agreement Caribou

33. BC will develop a plan acceptable to the Contracting Parties, which will identify the measures that BC will take to achieve a net decrease in the overall percentage of critical habitat disturbed within the Core Group, in accordance with the milestones. For the purposes of this section, critical habitat means habitat necessary for the survival or recovery of caribou, identified as caribou habitat identified in the recovery strategy or action plan (as defined in section 2,1 of the Species at Risk Act) for caribou. “Today is good news for the Klinse za herd, but there are 21 other groups of southern mountain caribou in B.C who need this kind of help,” Burkhart says. 43. The Contracting Parties shall regularly evaluate the usefulness of the mothers` penning program for caribou healing. “West Moberly and Saulteau First Nations have had all the levers to recover the endangered caribou, and I applaud their leadership and the government for negotiating this agreement,” said Tim Burkhart, B.C. Program Manager at Y2Y. “This new approach to protecting nature is one that the province and Canada need to do more for other herds and habitats.” From March 21 to May 31, 2019, the Government of B.C. reviewed two caribou recovery agreements. The feedback period is now closed. A What We Heard Report that will be made public in summer/fall 2019.

Nevertheless, Chetwynd Borough Mayor Allen Courtoreille said the exclusion of municipalities had hurt the deal. Section 11 of SARA provides that conservation agreements may be used for the benefit of an endangered species or to improve its survival in the wild and gives the competent ministers the power to enter into conservation agreements with any other government, organization or person in order to benefit from an endangered species or improve its survival in the wild. 92. The Parties shall support each other when a third party contests, rejects or interferes with the Parties` caribou recovery efforts and obligations set out in this Partnership Agreement. The Parties recognize that a Section 11 agreement between British Columbia and Canada can provide a framework for cooperation between governments on the recovery of the karibou Mountains for Southern Mountain Caribou in British Columbia, including extensive partnerships between First Nations, bc and ECCC on reconstruction projects and related initiatives. and 88. This partnership agreement is not a contract or a fonic reclamation agreement within the meaning of section 25 or 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. Unfortunately, despite the success of this emergency recovery strategy, caribou populations in the Peace Region and elsewhere in BC are still threatened with extinction. . . .

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